York SDH w/Chrome End Plates (Pair)

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Size: 10lb pair
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Perhaps one of the most ergonomically correct dumbbells on the market, York’s Pro Style Dumbbells feature a shortened fully knurled 30mm solid steel handle. The shorter handle results in less hand travel and optimum control of the dumbbells during exercise. The Pro Style Dumbbell heads are comprised of solid steel inserts fully encased in virgin rubber. The solid steel handle passes through the steel insert and is welded, permanently joining the head to the handle. The virgin rubber coating increases durability, protects flooring and equipment, enhances appearance, diminishes noise, and is easy to clean.  

Chromed steel end caps are specially designed to be compatible with SDH/Pro-Style dumbbells for enhanced functionality and aesthetics. They often replace the large chrome washer that comes stock with each pair of straight or ergonomic pro-style dumbbell handles. Chrome end caps serve multiple purposes. First and foremost they work hand in hand with the Allen bolt to keep the entire pro-style dumbbell together and secured. Secondly, they provide a user-friendly flush surface on the outside of the dumbbell free from protruding objects such as bolts and washers. A flush surface makes a big difference when setting the dumbbells on your thighs before a heavy set of presses! And last but not least, outfitting your pro-style dumbbell set with chrome end caps is a great way to beautify old and new sets. Each cap has a recessed area for the head of the bolt and for a number sticker.

- Construction: Solid steel
- Dumbbell Handle Compatibility: Fits any size SDH straight and SDG ergo Pro-style handles
- Finish: Mirror finish chrome

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