York Resistance Bands (Singles)

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Size: Orange (10-35lbs)
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York Resistance Bands are available in eight different colors and thicknesses. They are sold individually.

Our bands include exclusive York branding, along with resistance ratings that make it easy to find the right band on a crowded equipment rack.

Resistance bands are a perfect addition to any fitness routine, allowing for tension to be applied through the entire movement of the exercise while increasing muscle activation

*Bands are sold individually*

Additional Information

 Item# Color Width Resistance
71001 Orange .5” 10-35lbs
71002 Light Blue .75” 20-50lbs
71003 Yellow .86” 30-65lbs
71004 Purple 1.14” 35-80lbs
71005 Green 1.25” 40-95lbs
71006 Red 1.75” 45-115lbs
71007 Light Green 2.5” 60-140lbs
71008 Grey 3.25” 70-150lbs


Weight 1 lbs
Color Orange (10-35lbs), Light Blue (20-50lbs), Yellow (30-65lbs), Purple (35-80lbs), Green (40-95lbs), Red (45-115lbs), Light Green (60-140lbs), Grey (70-150lbs)

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