XM Fitness ANTI-SLIP PLYO BOX SOFT 20" 24" 30"

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3-in-1 Soft-Sided ANTI-SLIP Ballast Plyometrics Box
Get the Top Tier 20", 24" and 30" tall plyobox, with anti-slip material.

A Stable Plyo Box with a Shifting Low Centre of Gravity
With the patent-pending WeightShift Technology, when the plyo box is turned, the ballast 'flows' to fill the lowest internal face of the inner plywood box. Now, you have a plyobox with optimal balance and stability, no matter which side/height you use.

This virtually eliminates shifting and tilting of the plyo box while in use.

This ANTI-SLIP PLYO BOX SOFT 20" 24" 30" is a staple item of any fitness studio or box. It allows you to customize your workout and adjust on the fly. This unmatched versatility removes clutter from your workout space. Simply rotate the plyo box to your desired height and jump. This item is soft and safe.

With a reinforced wooden core, surrounded with a multi-layered foam covering, safety and durability are of crucial importance.

The durable anti-slip cover resists wear and tear while remaining firm even after heavy use.

Additional Information

Solid and Stable
3 Ballast Balls in the Core
Durable Wood Interior Core
Multi-Layered Foam
Double Stitched Anti-Slip material
Resists Compression
20”, 24” and 30” Heights in One Plyo Box


Ballast balls: 16cm diameter, 5.5 kg weight (x3)
Total Weight 75lbs
15mm wooden board constructed core
70mm foam pad thickness
Length: 30"
Width: 20"
Height: 24"

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