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The TuffStuff Evolution Smith Machine / Half Cage Ensemble (CSM-725WS) is a fully loaded version of the CSM-600 that includes an adjustable high/low cable station, dual cable lat station, Smith press attachment, multi-purpose bench, and a fixed low row station designed for single or dual arm movements.

Self-aligning linear bearing Smith Press system
Two fully adjustable high/low cable columns
Dual cable lat station for single or dual arm movements
Fixed low row station for single or dual arm movements
Free weight half rack
Spring loaded/swing lock J-Hooks for easy barbell catch adjustments
Adjustable safety stoppers enable a full range of motion
Wide base accommodates benches, wheelchairs and accessories
Built-in Olympic bar holders and Olympic plate holders
Built-in chinning bar
Home Lifetime Warranty* and Light Commercial Warranty
Includes: TuffStuff Multi-Purpose Bench (CMB-375)


Additional Information

Adjustable high/low cable station
Dual cable lat station with steel lat bar
Fixed low row station designed for single or dual arm movements
Built-in chinning bar
Olympic bar storage and weight plates storage
Smith Press bar easily stores away to allow full access to cable pulleys
Self-aligning linear bearing Smith Press system
Cable Ratio of 1:2 for extended cable travel
Half Cage with 7º slant allows natural range of motion
Spring loaded/swing lock J-Hooks for easy barbell catch adjustments



Ensemble Package Includes:
Basic Smith machine (CSM-600) | Owner’s Manual >
High/Low Cable Station (CHL-610WS) with 200 lb weight stack | Owner’s Manual >
Multi-Purpose Bench (CMB-375) | Owner’s Manual >

Weight 905 lbs
Dimensions 79 × 80 × 84 in
Home Warranty
Lifetime on everything to the original purchaser when used only in a HOME environment, applies to defects from manufacturer only.
* See Owner’s Manual for details.

Commercial Warranty

10 YEARS: Structural main frames, welds, cams and weight plates.

5 YEARS: Pivot bearings, pulleys, bushings, guide rods and gas shocks.

1 YEAR: Cables, linear bearings and pull-pin components.

6 MONTHS: Upholstery, finish and rubber grips.

ALL OTHER PARTS not mentioned, one year from the date of purchase to the original purchaser.

Light Commercial Use: Light Commercial warranty applies only to facilities like hotels, apartment complexes, personal training studios, fire & police stations, etc. where the equipment would be used by no more than 30 people per day.

2 x 3” 11-gauge oval tubular steel frames with a combination of 2 x 2” round tubing.

All welded construction conforming to Structural Welding Code-Steel Standards and Specifications.

Powder coat finish – Platinum Sparkle main frame and Cathedral Gray weight stack protective shields.

3/16” and 1/8” USA-Made/Certified EXERFLEX PRO® high performance fitness cable. Includes TuffStuff’s proprietary “flat-groove” 4-1/2” and 3-1/2” fiberglass-impregnated nylon pulleys with sealed roller bearings.

Cable Ratio
The CSM-725ws contains a cable ratio of 1:2. The 1:2 cable ratio provides extended cable travel while enabling 5 lb weight increment adjustments. With extended cable travel, users may perform a variety of functional exercises (including fast repetition sports-related training) further away from the machine. As a result, the resistance felt at each handle is approximately 1/2 of the weight selected.

Other Specs
3/4” solid steel 1045 (tgp) hard chrome finish.guide rods.

1/2” push-pull spring loaded solid steel adjustment pins with ultimate load of 9040 lbs. and 46042 psi sheer strength.

All primary and secondary pivot assemblies are non-friction 2" sealed bearings and 1" solid steel pivot axles.

All frame bolts and nuts are 3/8” and 1/2” zinc oxide. Meets ANSI specifications.

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