TuffStuff Evolution Smith Machine/half cage combo/ HALF CAGE COMBO

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he TuffStuff Smith Machine / Half Cage Combo (CSM-600) is a free-weight half rack combined with a self-aligning linear bearing Smith Press system in one machine. The Smith machine / Half cage includes integrated safety stoppers, a built-in chinning bar, Olympic bar holder and weight plate storage. The 7-degree slant Smith system design with an oversized aluminum bar allows for natural body movement and easy gripping.

Self-aligning linear bearing Smith press system
Free-weight half rack
Adjustable safety stoppers enable a full range of motion
Wide base accommodates benches, wheelchairs and accessories.
Olympic bar holders and Olympic plate holders
Built-in chinning bar
Maximum weight: 600 lbs / 272 kgs
Home Lifetime Warranty* and Light Commercial Warranty

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