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The RS Row ADJ™ is the only machine on an incline that works in a rowing motion while improving muscular fitness and satisfying both cardiovascular aerobic and strength training requirements simultaneously. The RS Row ADJ™ uses bodyweight resistance and enables a smooth consistent load through the entire range of motion, due to loaded eccentric and concentric phases of the exercise.

Designed for multi-planar movement including exercises such as biceps curls and an alternating side to side row, the RS Row ADJ™ is fun to use and user friendly, accommodating all fitness levels
Benefits for the individual exerciser:

Low level strength component with a cardio workout.
Seven levels of resistance of rowing at an incline coupled with two independent moving platforms produces a workout that engages all muscle groups simultaneously achieving a quicker, more effective workout.
Low compression on the joints, especially the lower spine.
Full leg and shoulder strengthening.
Exercises can be progressed or regressed to accommodate all fitness levels.
The resistance incline can be raised or lowered to adapt to all needs.
Designed to adapt to all body sizes.
Training applications and biomechanics:

Closed-chain partial loading of the joints.
Platform provides option for single foot positions.
Provides both concentric and eccentric loading.
Trains prime stabilizers & proprioception.
Multiple exercises and variations.
Joint friendly, non-compressive.

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