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A totally unique piece of core exercise equipment that strengthens the abdominal muscles, while engaging the entire core musculature. The ELEVATE Core ADJ™ is the premier choice when it comes to versatile abdominal exercise equipment. Featuring 7 levels of adjustable resistance, the ELEVATE Core ADJ™ uses two primary movements – the Dynamic Plank and the SCRUNCH. Simple, intuitive and accommodating of all fitness levels, the ELEVATE Core ADJ™ helps enhance basic core stability for beginners while providing advanced strengthening and a competitive edge for the most seasoned athlete.
Benefits for the individual exerciser:

The only piece of core exercise equipment designed to safely facilitate a proper plank with various options to increase or decrease difficulty based on a user’s strength and ability.
Provides dedicated area for planking off of the floor.
Total core strengthening – recruits abdominals, back, hips, shoulders and abdomen to work in unison for better balance and stability.
Unlike other abdominal fitness equipment, the Core ADJ engages the entire core in order to stabilize, balance, and support the spine for everyday activities and sports performance.
Minimizes trunk flexion and potentially dangerous forces applied to the spine.
A unique ab workout machine that offers two primary movements, each facilitating a plank.
Exercises can be progressed or regressed to accommodate all fitness levels.
Training applications and biomechanics:

Closed-chain partial loading of the joints.
Restricted range of motion.
Train prime stabilizers & proprioception.
Full body support, joint friendly, non-compressive.
Multiple exercises & variations compared to other abs fitness equipment.
Reliable tool for assessing core body strength.
Incline design assists in facilitating a plank; rolling glideboard provides opportunities to increase core recruitment with dynamic movements for instability.
Compared to other ab gym equipment, it minimizes force applied to the spine.

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