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The Stages Power meter for SC Series bikes packages all of the features of the Tour de France proven Stages Power meter into a form specifically for use on the SC Series bikes. This Stages Power meter comes standard on Stages SC3, and as an upgrade for the SC1/SC2 bike. 

The Stages Power meter works identically to other Stages Power meters and pairs via ANT+ to StagesDash, Garmin head units, and to mobile devices via Bluetooth.


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Improved housing that boasts improved water resistance and battery cover design. This means that battery changes are easier and less time-consuming than our previous model.

An LED indicator on the power meter housing allows you to observe the power meter battery level without the use of the StagesPower app each time the unit is used.

A hard reset button is built into the housing of the power meter which allows for easy and tool-free troubleshooting.

The new battery cover can be removed using the same tools as before, so no need for new tools in your facility.


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