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The IBF Body Boxer provides the ultimate sparring partner for realistic, high-intensity workouts. It features a torso target with proportions and dimensions of a real person, and a flex shaft to mimic body movement. The base can be filled with water or sand for stability, and can be tilted on an angle to roll away to another location. Ideal for areas not able to support a hanging heavy bag.

Additional Information

The combination of proportions, shape, and feel of a real human body provide the ultimate experience for a personal boxing trainer
PU outer material provides a softer and more consistent feel than a traditional heavy bag
Perfect for practising target strikes and increasing accuracy
Flex column provides life-like flex and rebound response
Fill base with sand or water for stability
Height adjustable from 5 1/4" to 6', approximately 130kg (287 lbs) filled with water
Round design for ability to roll away for storage or desired location
Torso removable for storage, stands 50" without
Shipping carton: 88 x 56 x 72 cm / 35” x 22” x 29” @ 21kg

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