Fractional Plate Set


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Improve your lifting progress with small weight increases to reach the next level and overcome plateaus. Fractional plates offer a broad range of flexibility for lifters of various strength levels. The plates allow you to micro adjust your set from as little as 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, and 1 lb increments as opposed to the usual 5 lb increase. This makes controlling the weight during your routine simple and safe and allows the body to develop in size, while reducing the risk of injury or failure.
• Sizes Included:
o 2 x 0.25 lb
o 2 x 0.5 lb
o 2 x 0.75 lb
o 2 x 1 lb
• Stamped weight on the face of the plate for easy identification
• Color coded for easy reference
• Quality Steel Construction

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