Eleiko XF Bumper Plate (Singles)

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The Eleiko XF Bumper is incredibly quiet and durable, designed for tough training and rough environments. Eleiko’s compressed soft yet durable rubber offers fantastic sound dampening and shock absorption. Pair it with the XF or SVR Platform for even further noise and vibration reduction. These bumpers are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use standing up to the tough environment outdoors, yet safe on your indoor floors. Bumpers are only available in pounds and disc sets are paired with the Vulcano change plates.


NOTE: Please check Specs Tab for exact dimensions of each disc. 15lb and 10lb XF discs are a smaller diameter than the 25, 35 & 45lb

Additional Information


Designed For
Strength training and functional fitness in mixed use environments
Indoors or Out
Tough enough for the outdoors, yet quiet and gentle on floors indoors
Secure Handling
Lipped edge around circumference for easy and safe handling
Recycled Rubber
All EU rubber for a more green, clean and durable disc


Unit of measurement  Sold individually

Product code  3085126-10
Width  58 mm / 2.28 in.
Weight  4,54 kg / 10.01 lbs
Warranty  1 year
Diameter  320 mm / 12.6 in.
Product code  3085126-15
Width  58 mm / 2.28 in.
Weight  6,8 kg / 14.99 lbs
Warranty  1 year
Diameter  320 mm / 12.6 in.


Product code  3085126-25
Width  58 mm / 2.28 in.
Weight  11,34 kg / 25 lbs
Warranty  1 year
Diameter  450 mm / 17.72 in.
Product code  3085126-35
Width  87 mm / 3.43 in.
Weight  15,88 kg / 35.01 lbs
Warranty  1 year
Diameter  450 mm / 17.72 in.


Product code  3085126-45
Weight  20,41 kg / 45 lbs
Warranty  1 year
Color  Black
Diameter  450 mm / 17.72 in.
Width  87 mm / 3.43 in.


PLEASE NOTE: 10 lb. bumpers are not to be dropped from overhead and are meant for technique purposes only. Damage from dropping the 10 lb. discs is not covered under the 1 year warranty.

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