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Introducing Eleiko's distinctive new SVR Platform!
We have engineered the nearly impossible, an exclusive mix of materials that dramatically dampens and absorbs sound and vibration and minimizes bounce. At just over 4 inches thick, the platform allows weights to decelerate over a greater distance, and our exclusive multi-layer of materials absorbs the impact to greatly reduce noise and vibration.
The combination of sound and vibration reduction, top tiles that can be rotated or replaced as needed, a beautiful wooden deck made of multi-layered birch plywood and oak strip creates the ultimate lifting surface. This highly durable platform can stand up to the heavy use of commercial facilities and will also serve any gym or individual user very well if sound and vibration is something you are looking for a solution to.


Product code  3085134US (SVR)
Length  2090 mm / 82.28 in.
Width  2462 mm / 96.93 in.
Height  103 mm / 4.06 in.
Weight  288 kg / 634.93 lbs
Warranty  1-3 years

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