Eleiko Prestera Safety Arms, Pair


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  • Designed for Prestera
  • Enhanced Lifter Safety

Prestera Safety Arms enhance user safety by protecting the bar and lifter when appropriately used. Position the safety arms at any height on the upright; simply align the peg and hole and rotate the arm down. Custom molded protective liners are knurling-friendly to minimize barbell wear and curved at each end to guide the bar back to the center of the safety arm.

Additional Information

Provides Lifting Safety
Enhances user safety, ensuring lifters are protected during a failed lift.
Enhanced Bar Protection
Custom molded plastic protective liner that is knurling-friendly to minimize barbell wear.
Quality Construction
Strong steel tubing and durable powder coat finish
Designed specifically for the Prestera System.

Prestera makes every millimetre count
Prestera Rack attachments have been developed to protect equipment, address athletes' training needs and raise the bar for the lifting experience. They are carefully thought through to maximise placement possibilities and usable rack space. They are easy to place and secure when attached. Prestera attachments tailor racks to your preferred style of training and lifting environment.


Unit of measurement  Sold in pairs
Article code   3085641-03
Length   605,6 mm / 23.84 in.
Width   90 mm / 3.54 in.
Height   300 mm / 11.81 in.
Weight   11 kg / 24.25 lbs
Warranty   1-10 years

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