Eleiko Plate Mount Landmine

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  • Training variety and rotation
  • Smooth bronze bushings
  • Protect equipment
  • Black
  • Sold in Singles


Add rotating and training variety to your program with our lightweight Plate Mount Landmine. Insert the landmine base into any standard weightlifting plate or bumper plate designed for a standard 50 mm barbell sleeve. The landmine construction provides smooth and quiet operation, and the bronze bushings enable a wide range of motion. A protective liner keeps the barbell sleeves from getting scratched, and a rubber bumper at the landmine base adds further protection.

Additional Information

Universal Fit
It fits standard Olympic barbells with a 50 mm sleeve.
Protect Equipment
The inside has a UMHW insert and stainless bushing to avoid scratching or damaging the barbell sleeve during training.
Easy to Use
Simply slide the base of the plate mounted Landmine into the hub of any standard weight plate, insert the bar into the protected sleeve and explore a wide range of exercises.
Durable Construction
Hard-wearing powder-coated steel, smooth bronze bushing, and the rubber ring a the base of the landmine ensure long-lasting performance and friction-free, quiet operation.


Unit of measurement   Sold individually
Article code   3085662-03
Length    335 mm / 13.19 in.
Width     81 mm / 3.19 in.
Height    65 mm / 2.56 in.
Weight    2,8 kg / 6.17 lbs
Warranty  1-10 years
Colour   Black

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