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  • Open, accessible design
  • Two handle heights
  • Built-in loading jack
  • Bar balanced while lifting

The award-winning patented Eleiko Öppen Bar now comes standard with two handle heights making lifting more adaptable and accessible. The Öppen Bar — an open-sided trap bar — is designed for lifting ease, delivering a wide range of lifting and training possibilities from deadlifts to rows, presses, lunges and more. The integrated rubber-footed loading jack allows you to load and unload plates without lifting the bar, while also keeping the bar balanced while lifting.

Product Design
Continual product improvement is essential in helping users achieve the ultimate lifting experience. The Öppen Bar features balanced knurling on the handles for a comfortable, secure grip, grip markings to promote a neutral hand positioning, durable scratch resistance black matte powder coat finish, hard-wearing chromed sleeves and sturdy rubber feet that protect the flooring and platforms.
  Open Possibilities
The Öppen Bar features an approachable, open design that solves many issues common to trap bars which are often difficult to load and challenging to use and store. The curved rubber feet allow the bar to move quickly between the upright storage and loading position and the horizontal lifting position.
Loading and Unloading
The integrated loading jack raises the sleeves above the ground for easy loading and unloading. The rubber feet counterbalance the bar while lifting and are also a great way to store the bar when not in use.

Additional Information


Accessible Lifting
The open design, neutral handle position, two handle heights with grip markings make deadlifting less technique intensive, easier to perform and accessible to more lifters. 

Quality Construction
Made in our Halmstad, Sweden facility, the bar is crafted with quality materials and built for long-lasting performance.


Training Possibilities

The open design supports a variety of exercises including lunges, carries, rows and more.

Chromed Sleeves
Durable 320 mm chromed sleeves strike the right balance between loading capacity and space efficiency, and the 50 mm diameter is compatible with all standard weight plates.
Rack and Platform Compatible
Designed to work with racks and platforms, the bar is rackable and the width ensures plates stay in the platform drop zone.


Unit of measurement
Sold individually

Article code

2150 mm / 84.65 in.

25 kg / 55.12 lbs

1.2 - Balanced

Loadable Sleeve Length
320 mm / 12.6 in.

Handle Diameter
28 mm / 1.1 in.




589 mm / 23.19 in.

226 mm / 8.9 in.

5 years

Max Training Weight
500 kg / 1102,31 lbs

Distance between Handles
625 mm / 24.61 in.

Sensor ready sleeves


 Spec Sheet

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