Eleiko Olympic Weightlifting Training Change Plate, Rubber Coated - LBS

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Eleiko Olympic Weightlifting Training Change Plates, Rubber Coated, Pounds
For those times when micro weight changes make all the difference, the Eleiko IWF Olympic Weightlifting Change Plates are certified and calibrated for record setting lifts. The Olympic color scheme coordinates with the weightlifting plates. The discs are rubber coated in vibrant TV ready colors that are both durable and have a good grip.



Product code  3001318
Weight  0,57 kg / 1.26 lbs
Diameter  135 mm / 5.31 in.

Product code  3001319
Weight  1,14 kg / 2.51 lbs
Diameter  160 mm / 6.3 in.

Product code  3001320
Weight  2,27 kg / 5 lbs
Diameter  210 mm / 8.27 in.

Product code  3001321
Weight  4,55 kg / 10.03 lbs
Diameter  230 mm / 9.06 in.


Eleiko plate discs are used in Canada lifting competitions

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