Eleiko Low Row, Free Standing-Black

SKU: 3085859-fs-120-03

Weight: 120 kg

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  • Full metal construction
  • Space-efficient design
  • 1:1 Weight Ratio
  • 120 or 150 kg weight stack
  • Durable PUR seat pad

Whether mounted to the wall, free-standing, or part of a multi-station configuration, the Eleiko Low Row delivers a space-efficient and effective way to train the back. Large aluminium pulleys, metal construction and distinctive details at user touch points deliver an exceptional user experience and long-lasting performance. The low row includes a neutral grip handle and features a 1:1 resistance ratio. The bench pads are constructed from Eleiko's durable, hygienic PUR cushion. The top of the metal footplate is covered with a 2mm protective rubber mat.

Additional Information

The Eleiko Feeling
The large 150mm aluminium pulley wheels and durable 4mm cable wire mean less internal resistance and wear on the cable for longer-lasting performance and a smoother user experience.

Low Maintenance
Maintenance-free shafts and linear bushings do not require lubrication, making Eleiko Cables a low-maintenance cable-based training option. The metal construction wears well in high-volume usage and ensures the equipment will stand the test of time.

Distinctive Details
Each interaction point, from knurled weight adjustment to the weight stack markings, was designed with the lifter's training experience in mind.

Safety is paramount; we enclose our weight stack in a metal case and our pulley behind a metal protective barrier to eliminate the risk of pinch points.

Knurled Handles
Made in-house in Halmstad, Sweden, the included Neutral Handle is knurled with our signature waffle pattern knurling for a secure, comfortable grip. The handle grips are crafted from machined aluminium to keep the weight low and are constructed with abrasion-resistant steel to make them long-lasting. The geometry and design were developed with extensive user testing to provide a comfortable position for many users.

Safety Testing
Tested per ISO 20957 (Stationary Training Equipment) standards, including 100,000 cycle testing at maximum load and 10-degree tilt testing with full range of motion.


Article code   3085859-FS-120-03
Length    2575 mm / 101.38 in.
Width     1324 mm / 52.13 in.
Height    2400 mm / 94.49 in.
Weight    253 kg / 557.77 lbs
Warranty    6 months-10 years

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