Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Training Bar - 20kg

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Certified by the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) this bar is designed specifically for training for competitive Olympic weightlifting and used by professional lifters in training halls and facilities around the world. The training bar delivers the feel and performance of our competition bar but with less sharp knurling making the bar appropriate for a higher volume of lifting. Crafted in Sweden, the bar’s high performance is the result of precision needle bearings that disperse the load evenly through the shaft to deliver uniform rotation at all loads. Proprietary steel and chrome coating provides the optimal balance between strength and elasticity to deliver the ultimate lifting experience.

Optimal Rotation
The re-engineered sleeve construction is specifically designed to deliver a more stable and controlled rotation. The rotation is optimised for smooth performance under load giving lifters a more connected and precise experience.
  Lasting Performance
Redesigned bearings, improved greasing processes and a dust proof seal keeps critical parts well lubricated and operating at their best with minimal maintenance.
Strong yet Flexible
We enhanced the surface treatment and hardening process of our proprietary Swedish steel to make our bars even stronger without sacrificing the legendary flexibility that forms the foundation of the coveted "Eleiko feeling.”
  Handcrafted with Care
Skilled craftsmen meticulously build each bar ensuring they are completed to our exacting standards. Our bars are rigorously tested, their performance unmatched and our quality guaranteed.
Refined Knurling
A balanced grip tailored to competitive settings and ensuring a secure hold on the bar.
  Precision Bearings
High quality precision needle bearings minimise friction to help weight move smoothly at high speeds and ensure weight will not lock up mid-spin, protecting shoulders and wrists from injury.
Magnetic Brush
Every bar is delivered with a brush to clean chalk from your bar after use. Stick it to your storage, squat rack, chalk stand or platform frame; the magnet in the handle keeps the brush where you need it most.

Additional Information


Grip Markings
Bar features markings for weightlifting
Bar is certified by the IWF for training
Perfected Rotation
Engineered for smooth controlled rotation under load
Designed For
Training for competitive weightlifting
Balanced grip to ensure a secure hold on the bar



Unit of measurement
Sold individually

Article code

20 kg / 44.09 lbs


Sleeve Surface

Loadable Sleeve Length
415 mm / 16.34 in.

Grip Marking

Max Load
1500 kg / 3306,93 lbs

Sensor ready sleeves

2200 mm / 86.61 in.

12 years

Grip Surface

Sleeve Diameter
50 mm / 1.97 in.

Flange Width
30 mm / 1.18 in.

Bearings and Bushings
Needle bearings

1.2 - Balanced

Dustproof Seal




Spec Sheet 

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