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The COREFX Push Sled can help improve your strength, athleticism and work capacity. Using the Push Sled with our harness is ensured to drive your heart rate through the roof, rev your metabolism and put your body up to the ultimate test.

The Push Sled offers a variety of functionalities that will take your training to the next level. The versatility of the sled allows you to incorporate a number of different workouts to target specific muscular benefits and general conditioning.

Additional Information

  • Top quality:¬†Constructed of one-piece steel construction. Made out of heavy duty 7 gauge and 11 gauge steel, our sled is made to out last even the most rigorous workouts.
  • Floor Protection:¬†Includes plastic ski attachments to help protect your floors and allow for better movements on grass, turf, concrete, or asphalt.
  • Multi-Purpose:¬†Our Push Sled is designed to suit your diverse workout needs. Easily switch the bar location to change directions of your push or attach a power system to drag and pull.¬†


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