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Introducing the BODYCRAFT XFT, the most comprehensive Strength Training System ever created. Designed and engineered by BODYCRAFT, the XFT is the latest in strength training technology. The patented XFT fuses Barbell Training with a Functional Training Machine all within a compact 61″ X 50″ floor space. The XFT was designed to allow you to safely perform virtually countless exercises all in natural and safe fashion. Whether you’re a performance athlete or just beginning your journey to a happier and healthier lifestyle, the XFT offers you what it takes to meet and exceed your goals. Expand your workout even more by adding the F704 bench and it’s available attachments. See OPTIONS for details.

The F704 Flat / Incline / Decline System Bench is a great dumbbell bench, but it was specifically designed to work with the BODYCRAFT XFT, RFT, Jones Machines and the F430 Power Rack, plus it will work with most brands of Smith Machines and Racks. As the bench inclines, the pads slide back staying in line with the bar, so you spend less time maneuvering the bench forward and back. No need to turn the bench around when performing exercises like a shoulder press. Expand your workout by adding the F711 Leg Extension/Curl/Hold Down and the F710 Arm Curl Attachments. See OPTIONS for details.

Additional Information

Barbell: Rotating Blue Anodized Barbell
Counter-Weighted Quick-Adjust Carriage W/ Quick-Set Handle
Dual Locking Barbell Levers: to lockout Fore-Aft Motion
Dual Front Adjustable Pulleys: Swiveling Functional Pulleys W/32 Height Positions and Laser Cut Position Window
Laser Etched #’s on Chrome Cable Columns
Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar: Uses Include, Pull-Ups, Hanging Ab Straps, Bands, Inversion Boots, Etc.
150LB Weight Stack (Upgradeable to 200LBS)
Centerline Bench Alignment
Assisted Chin-Up Strap
Double-Up Weight Resistance – 2X Stack Weight
Lower Loops for Battle Ropes and Exercise Bands
Accessories: Long Functional Bar, Sports Stick, Triceps Rope, Ankle Strap, Assisted Chin-up Strap, 2 Single Handles, 2 Chains
Workout Posters: 5 Exercise Posters including Arms, Chest, Core, Back, and Legs.


Barbell Travel – 20″ Horizontal Travel – 60″ Vertical Travel
Barbell Positions – 64 W/ 1″ Increments
Barbell Width- 53″
Functional Swiveling Pulley Vertical Travel- 61.25″
Functional Swiveling Pulley Positions- 32 W/ 2″ Increments
Functional Swiveling Pulley Cable Length – 93″
Hardened Steel Bolts at All Connection Points
Industrial Linear Bearings
Powder Coated Heavy Gauge Steel Tubing
Dimensions: 61″ L x 50″ W x 83″ H

Residential Lifetime Warranty: Since it is built to last a lifetime, every part of the BODYCRAFT Elite is guaranteed for as long as you own it. We will replace or repair any manufacturer defect. Warranty applies only to the original owner and for in-home use. Does not cover normal wear and tear.
For Light Commercial use
Frame – 10 years
Parts – 2 years

Shipping: Truck (LTL, Curbside Delivery)
Frame Box 1/5 78.75 x 16.625 x 4.75 Weight: 146
Frame Box 2/5 64 x 23.625 x 10 Weight: 153
Frame Box 3/5 44.5 x 20.125 x 12.25 Weight: 129
Frame Box 4/5 83.75 x 11.75 x 7.875 Weight: 133
Frame Box 5/5 77.625 x 7.375 x 4.75 Weight: 27
Frame Box Weight Total: 588 lbs.
Plate Weight: 140 lbs (190 lbs with 50lb add-on)
Total Weight: 728 lbs (778 lbs with 50lb add-on)
* the total does not include pallet weight, Pallet weight adds about 80lbs

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