Altas Half Rack Smith Machine Combo

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Because of the stability of the Smith Machine, it is a convenient and safe fixture for heavy weights training. There are rubber belt hooks on the upper and lower ends of the Smith machine. You can use the elastic rope to personalize your training and adjust the weight for different needs. This fixture includes functions of the Smith machine, half rack, high tensile training machine, Body weight GTX, pull-up and other multi-functional equipment. It has a stable square body structure, sandbags with small hooks, smooth bearings, and multi-functional weightlifting rods.


  • Push-up handles were designed with a variety of angles to meet different needs of arm training  
  • Removable horizontal bar and parallel bars are designed for your convenience



Product Dimensions: 201.0 x 164.8 x 219.5CM

Package Dimensions: 227.0 x 57.0 x 32.5CM

Product Weight: 130KG

Shipping Weight: 155KG 

Shipping Dimensions 193.6 × 164.8 × 218.3 cm

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