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Versa O represents an advance in Power Systems exercise tubing, with its double-lock system that stays together while your clients use them. You already know that exercise tubes are an effective and adaptable tool for your clients, whether they are beginners or advanced athletes to tone and strengthen on their own or as part of group exercise sessions. The Versa O exercise tube is also an excellent tool for rehabilitation because it provides a flexible, low impact workout. What’s more, they are highly affordable so you can provide a range of resistances to your clientele at low cost to you.

Resistance tubing benefits:
Allows you to focus on exercising specific areas of the body
Is compact and light for easy use while traveling or in group classes
Is adaptable to all fitness levels from beginner to expert
A Power Systems Brand! Focus on strengthening and conditioning specific areas of the body with the Versa O exercise bands. Their double-lock system ensures the tubing doesn't come apart during exercises. The Versa O resistance band is great for upper or lower-body workouts. The Flexible handles on the workout bands contour for easy usage. The Versa O exercise equipment also makes a perfect Pilates tool.

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