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If you or your client are looking for something new to add to a workout, or your needs aren't met by the most popular forms of gym equipment, Power Systems Versa Loops resistance bands might be a good choice. The best resistance bands are a cost-effective way to get a whole body workout, making them a popular choice for both fitness enthusiasts and providers of physical therapy.
The six different colors each provide a different level of resistance
They're useful for a huge variety of exercises that target the legs, core, arms, and back.
Clients can start at a lower resistance, then "switch up" in color as they grow stronger
There are lots of reasons to go with resistance bands even if you have other ways to build strength at your disposal. First, a package of Power Systems resistance bands costs much, much less than any other strength building equipment, making them accessible to just about anyone. They're a highly adaptable way to exercise your whole body, and you won't have to learn any special exercises because they can be used with lots of movements you're already familiar with. You can use them safely without a spotter, they're easy to pack up and travel with, they don't take much storage space, and you can even combine them with other equipment to add even more variety to your workout. Exercise bands can be used with quick motions, or you can carry out each exercise slowly to build even more strength. Again, this type of adaptability is what makes resistance bands such a flexible and popular exercise tool.

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