Strive Seated Pushdown

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Front entry allows easy entry and exit of unit.
Handgrip design allows three grip positions, wide, mid, and narrow.
1 3/4” handgrips for comfort.
Four bar linkage, gas-assisted seat adjusts to 8 positions to accommodate various size trainees and to adjust pre-stretch.
Gas-assisted leg pad adjusts to 8 positions to accommodate various size trainees.
Smart Strength technology offers 9 different cam profiles simply by adjusting the cam; resistance curves are altered to stimulate different muscle fibers.
Add on weights in 5 lb increments allow the trainee to fine tune their resistance requirements.
Roller bearings are used to guide the weight stack top plate creating a smoother motion and consistent stem alignment.
Weight stack plates are labeled in both US customary and metric units of measure (lbs./kg)

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