Legend SelectEDGE Shoulder Press

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Multiple wide and neutral grip positions.
Mechanically assisted seat adjustment.
Easily serviced, smooth pillow block bearings.
240-pound weight stack is standard, with a weight stack upgrade available.
Effort reduction minimized for better weight feel.
The SelectEDGE Shoulder Press delivers on the functionality and features you would expect from a top-line pin select machine. Smooth actuation, clean lines and durable construction. Additionally, the 1101 offers three-position hand grips that are finished with closed-cell foam and machined aluminum end caps, minimal cable exposure, modular construction that facilitates maintenance and refitting in the field and a pulley system with minimal pulley reduction and carefully thought-out leverage points – select 40 pounds on the weight stack and it feels like you are lifting 40 pounds.
Standard weight stack is 240 pounds in 20-pound increments, with a upgrade to 300 pounds available.

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