Legend SelectEDGE Inner/Outer Thigh Combo

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Cam design equalizes effort between inner/outer thigh exercises.
Cam-adjusted seat offers seven backrest angles.
Switch between exercises with a single pop pin.
Dense foam padding features high-quality, top-stitched upholstery.
Partially hidden, aviation-grade cables.
200 pound weight stack in 10-pound increments with 5-pound adder plate.
A complete machine for thigh adduction and abduction exercises. Like the rest of the premier SelectEDGE line, special attention was given to maintain a sleek and modern appearance for today’s fitness clubs as aviation-grade cables are routed inside the ovalized frame, and seat pads are contoured with top quality, top-stitched upholstery.
But, the aesthetics weren’t achieved at the expense of function. The cable cam was enlarged to help in equalizing inner thigh and outer thigh effort, while the cable itself runs across an all new pulley system to minimize slack in the motion of the exercise.
A single pop pin switches between inner or outer thigh positions, plus there are six additional angles in between to accommodate users of limited flexibility. The back rest offers seven angles of adjustment and is located by a thick, chrome-plated cam arm.
All this, plus made-in-America quality, provides the only thigh combo machine worthy of the SelectEDGE name.

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