Legend Select EDGE Leg Extension/ Curl Combo

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Weight stack is accessible from the exercise position.
Seat back adjusts for leg length.
Multiple starting positions.
Adjustable thigh pad.
Simple pop pin adjustments switch between exercises.
The SelectEDGE Leg Extension/Curl Combo makes working quads and hamstrings easy–one machine works both muscle groups with a quick set of smooth adjustments. It’s effective and space-saving, all in one sleek SelectEDGE package.
In addition to modern styling, the SelectEDGE Leg Extension/Curl Combo offers smooth movements, plenty of adjustability, and easy access to the weight stack, making it a breeze to use. It comes with a hefty 200-pound weight stack, but a weight stack upgrade is available. Available in our multitude of powder coat color options with two-tone upholstery standard, this combo machine will fit perfectly in any gym

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