Legend Pro Series Self-Adjusting Three-Way Bench

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Single pop pin adjusts both seat and backrest to one of eight angles.
Integrated spotter platform.
Only bench compatible with Pro Series cage docking system.
Removable docking system rods.
Our top-of-the-line bench that perfectly complements our Pro Series cages. A single pop pin adjusts both the seat elevation and backrest to one of eight adjustment angles. Comes standard with an attached diamond plate spotter’s platform that allows using a spotter anywhere in the weight room, not just at the very back of the cage. Wheels and a foam rubber-coated handle provide easy transport around the gym floor. Standard rubber feet protect floors and lifting platforms. Custom embroidery is available on wear guard for a nominal fee.
Pads are 10 inches wide to provide the right amount of support but not get in the way of shoulder blades during presses and fly exercises. Pads measure a comfy 3 inches thick and use 2-inch thick rebond foam. Foam density is a robust 8 lbs. per cubic foot. Upholstery is a heavy duty 32 oz. vinyl and stain resistant. All pads are top double-stitched and the 3/4″ thick support board’s corners are radiused and edges are chamfered on both top and bottom to promote comfort and durability.
Locating rods are a component of our Pro Series Bench Docking System. Rods are removable so as not to present a tripping hazard when used outside of a cage or rack.
Some recent customer feedback on the quality of our utility benches:
Just contacting you once more to let you and everyone at Legend know what an outstanding job they’ve done. The bench just arrived here this morning. There were no problems with the packaging, nothing was scratched or damaged. I lifted it out of the box, and it looked absolutely stunning. The frame is strong and rigid, all the components are amazing quality, and the upholstery is perfect, both in feel and look. It’s also larger than I expected, which is a big plus. I am extremely pleased with the whole shipping process as well, from start to finish.
Anyways, just contacting you to say thank you, and thanks to everyone who I have dealt with over the past couple of weeks, and a huge thanks to the Legend team who made this incredible product.
– James Moen
The Legend Pro Series Three-Way: Simply the finest bench that money can buy.
Note: This bench measure 23 inches wide without tPro Series Bench Docking System rods in place. When the rods are inserted, the bench is 40 inches wide.

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