Legend Pro Series Olympic Decline Bench

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Angled uprights keep bar catches within reach but out of the way.
Knee and ankle rollers provide proper positioning and assist user in not arching their back.
3/8 inch, chrome-plated Multi-Catch Racking System.
CAD developed for minimal bolt usage/maximum rigidity.
Integrated, chrome-plated plate storage.
Resistance band pegs.
For the definition and “lift” that you need for your chest workout, our Pro Series Olympic Decline is the finest there is. The 3243 has several features that differentiate if from our standard Olympic decline:
Angled uprights keep bar catches within reach/out of the way for freedom of movement
Scratch-resistant, 3/8 inch chrome-plated carbon steel Multi-Catch Racking System
CAD developed, w/ minimal bolt usage that eases installation, but without compromises to stability & strength
Integrated, chrome plated plate storage
Resistance band pegs provide you with more workout options
Rubber feet provide the safety of stability

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