Legend Olympic Decline Bench

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Adjustable calf pad/rollers.
Pad angle is -15 degrees from horizontal.
Fully welded for maximum rigidity, strength, and durability.
Dual bar catches for safety.
Frame wearguard protects finish from propped plates.
ABS polymer protects bar knurling.
Chrome plated adjustment surfaces.
To give your pecs that “lift”, you’ll need a bench like this. Fully welded from 11 gauge steel, so it’s incredibly over-built and there’s no loosening bolts to worry about. Tall bar catch tabs make it easier to rack the weight and there’s a secondary set lower down for safety. Both sets of bar catches feature polymer wearguards to help protect the bar knurling. Another wearguard on the side of the post protects the finish from plates that are propped there during plate exchanges.

Adjustable ankle roller keep users in place and chrome adjustment surfaces cut down on flaking and chipping.

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