Legend Adjustable Plyo Box

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For weighted plyometrics or box squats.
Grippy, thick rubber contact surface.
Wheels and handle for easy transport.
Fully welded.
The Adjustable Step Up Box was originally a request from the strength training gurus at Competitive Edge Sports, but we decided it was a keeper. So we added it to our lineup. Some might consider this an old school way to build leg and core strength, but it has several applications. Use it for weighted plyometrics or box squats. Use it for storage when not in use, or even as an end table if you want. Whatever you use it for, it will not buckle, bow, or break. The frame of the Adjustable Step Up Box is fully welded. The tray is welded steel with a thick rubber surface and a wood core.

The starting height is nine inches. The Adjustable Step Up Box platform adjusts in three-inch increments all the way up to 24 inches high. Handy dandy transport wheels and handle make it easy to position for workouts then move out of the way.

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