Legend 45 Degree Hyperextension

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Dual hip pads provide extra stability and are adjustable for height.
Chrome-plated adjustment surfaces.
Wearguards on the base protect from falling dumbbells.
Fully welded frame for maximum rigidity, strength and durability.

You’ll love the way your lower back feels after using the 45 Degree Hyperextension. No bodyweight exercise affects the lower back like this! The unique exercise position of the 45 Degree Hyperextension really works the lower back, all while keeping your lower body stabilized. The diamond plate footbed has an extra large lip, so there’s less slipping and extra gripping.

The 45 Degree Hyperextension was built to be comfortable and durable. It is easily adjusted thanks to a single pop pin. The fully welded base features protective ABS plastic, so dropped weights will not damage the surface. The thick padding, curved edge pads, and foam rubber grips on the 45 Degree Hyperextension keep you comfortable from start to finish.

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