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HYPERICE FUEL is a reusable, non-toxic synthetic ice alternative designed to provide superior performance when used in conjunction with HYPERICE Ice Compression devices.

HYPERICE FUEL differs from traditional gel products in the proprietary shape of the crystals, which mimic real ice nuggets. The synthetic ice nuggets conform to the body, when used with HYPERICE Ice Compression Devices, creating a pliable ice cast, which provides superior coverage for effective cryotherapy treatment.

Additional Information

Non-Toxic, Biodegradable and Reusable
Provides great alternative to actual ice - used where ice is not readily accessible
Unlike traditional Gel products, HYPERICE FUEL maintains optimal freezer temperatures through full icing cycle
To be used in conjunction with HYPERICE Ice Cell and Compression Wrap
Synthetic ice will not melt and eliminates risk of water build up in HYPERICE ice cell
Easily transfers from Fuel cell to Ice Cell and back when you're done and want to re-freeze Fuel
Maximizes ability to conform ice cell to injured area and form "ice cast" with full surface area coverage


Place HYPERICE FUEL in the freezer for a minimum of 12 hours before each use
Remove the cap of the HYPERICE FUEL
With HYPERICE FUEL upright, connect to an empty HYPERICE Ice Cell by engaging threads
With threads fully engaged, gently turn the connected HYPERICE FUEL upside down to allow the synthetic ice to flow into the HYPERICE Ice Cell. Press the air release valve to facilitate the transfer
Recap the HYPERICE Ice Cell and use "fueled" Ice Cell in exactly the same manner as with conventional ice

With HYPERICE Ice Cell upright, connect to the empty HYPERICE FUEL Cell
Gently turn over to allow the synthetic ice to flow back into the HYPERICE FUEL tube. Ensure all of the "Fuel" is emptied from the Ice Cell
Thoroughly rinse the inside of the Ice Cell with water and hang to dry

STORAGE: HYPERICE FUEL may be stored at room temperature for shorter periods of time. For longer periods of time store in the freezer. Keep out of direct sunlight and exposure to heat and open air. Heat, sunlight and exposure to air will drastically impact its effectiveness. HYPERICE FUEL should not be stored long term or frozen in anything other than the HYPERICE FUEL tube.

WARNING: HYPERICE FUEL is not a food product and is not to be ingested. If ingested, induce vomiting immediately and consult a physician. A bittering agent has been added to discourage ingestion. Do not heat or use for hot therapy. In the event the HYPERICE FUEL appears discoloured or slushy, safely dispose in the trash. Do not dispose of HYPERICE FUEL by dumping into the toilet.

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