Eleiko Sport Training Plate - LBS

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Weight: 25LB 3001953-25
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The Eleiko Sport Training Discs are durable and versatile, and ideal for general strength training. Our high standard is verified by our rigorous 3,000 times drop tests, and our unique rubber which resists damage and deformation, meaning discs just keep on going for years to come. Eleiko Sport Training Discs feature colored rubber with a vulcanized hub that is set into the discs.
Eleiko plate discs are used in Canada lifting competitions


Unit of measurement  Sold individually

Product code  3001953-25
Weight  10 kg / 22.05 lbs
Warranty  3 years
Width  37 mm / 1.46 in.

Product code  3001953-35
Weight  15 kg / 33.07 lbs
Warranty  3 years
Width  44 mm / 1.73 in.

Product code  3001953-45
Weight  20 kg / 44.09 lbs
Warranty  3 years
Diameter  450 mm / 17.72 in.
Width  50 mm / 1.97 in.

Product code  3001953-55
Weight  55 lbs
Warranty  3 years
Diameter  450 mm / 17.72 in.
Width  61 mm / 2.4 in.

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