Eleiko Prestera Smith Attachment

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With the Smith attachment, you can adapt any Eleiko Prestera rig or rack with Smith Machine functionality. Easy to mount, simply set the kit to the desired height on the uprights to support a variety of exercises for upper and lower body strength training. The Smith Kit consists of vertical shafts, integrated safety stops and a housing that holds high-quality bearings, and the smith bar.


Additional Information

Designed For
A variety of squatting, lunging and pressing movements
Fitness Attachment
Add Smith Machine functionality to your Eleiko Prestera rig or rack
Barbell Specifications
15 kg / 320 mm Sleeve Length / 35,5 mm Grip Diameter / Knurled with Grip Markings
User Safety
Bar features a built-in rotation stop ensure users always engage the hooks
Safety Stops
Easily adjustable safety stops include rubber cushion to dampen impact and sound


Article code   3085513-03
Length    178 mm / 7.01 in.
Width     1954 mm / 76.93 in.
Height    1975 mm / 77.76 in.
Weight    92,04 kg / 202.91 lbs
Warranty  6 months-10 years

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