Eleiko Prestera Fitness Half Rack

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Constructed from premium Swedish steel featuring sleek uprights, optimized geometry and precise adjustment increments, the Eleiko Fitness Rack is designed to give lifters greater control and improved safety, all in a compact footprint. The 70x70 tubing and upright spacing supports both bench press and squats. The safety arms and j-cups are fully adjustable at 25 mm spacing increments, accommodating a variety of height placements and lifting positions. The optimized tubing facilitates re-racking of the bar without hitting the flange while squatting or moving in and out of the rack. The rack features four storage pins for convenient plate storage, and the stainless steel uprights protect against impact and abrasions. Hidden bolt down holes minimizes trip hazards, provides stability and maintains the rack’s sophisticated appearance. Customize the Fitness Rack with a smith attachment for training versatility.

Lifter First Approach
In developing Prestera, we focused on what is best for athletes, gaining critical millimetres in the geometry to optimize the rack for squats and bench press — ensuring nothing gets in the way of the lift.

While many pursue a bigger is better approach for racks, we relied on our expertise in professional strength sports, testing and evaluating a wide range of configurations to determine which setup best-supported barbell lifts while delivering uncompromised strength and durability.
  Powder Coat or Stainless Steel
The powder-coated uprights feature 50 mm spacing increments and laser-cut numbering to accommodate a wide range of users, attachments, and training needs.

The stainless steel option features 25 mm hole spacing for more precise adjustments and laser etched numbering for enhanced steel integrity. Stainless steel is recommended for gliding attachments.

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Designed For
Giving lifters greater control and improved safety
Highly Adjustable
Narrow spacing increments with numbering allow users to find ideal lifting position
Optimized Tubing
70x70 tubing supports both bench press and squat, adding space without compromising load capacity.
Compact Footprint
Uses minimal floor space to deliver maximal training versatility.
Integrated Weight Storage
Features four integrated storage pins on each side for convenient plate storage


Article code
1317 mm / 51.85 in.
1711 mm / 67.36 in.
2353 mm / 92.64 in.
131,68 kg / 290.3 lbs
6 months-10 years

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