Atlantis NM-210 Adjustable Pulley Station

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Unique dual pivoting pulleys allow users to perform both unilateral and bilateral movements.
The 907 kg/2000 lbs capacity cable system allows for a smooth and efficient performance.
Safety rails provide stability for certain exercises and are mounted with accessory storage racks.
To prevent loss or theft our exclusive carabiner clip cannot be removed without tools. The accessories are fully interchangeable.

Additional Information

Accessories included:
2 X A-25 (Strap handle with welded ”D” ring)
2 X A-23 (Nylon ankle strap with ”D” ring Velcro type)
A-7 (Revolving solid curl bar)



Width 53″(135cm)
Height 92″(234 cm)
Length 61″(155 cm)
Weight 509 lbs (231 kg)
Weight Stack 1 X 235 lbs (106 kg)

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