Atlantis MS-319 Standard 8 Stack Multi-Station

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The MS-319 comes standard with 3 Adjustable Pulleys, 1 Tricep Pulley, 2 Lat Pulldowns, 2 Low Rows, and 1 Chin-up Beam.
You can also create your own customized multi-station by choosing from 14 available options.
Each tower can accommodate 1 to 4 weight stacks and you can combine as many towers as you like.

Frame Options

Upholstery Options

Additional Information

Your sales representative will provide you with an overhead diagram that allows you to specify exactly where you want each station on each tower.
You can also connect the MS-319 to other Crossover Station. The choice is yours.
Comprised of Precision Series individual stations.
Options for customization are : Adjustable Pulley, Direct Triceps Pulley, Horizontal Bicep Curl, Overhead Triceps, Lat Pulldown, Low Row, Incline Row, Pec/Rear Delt Fly, Chin Up Beam, Unilateral Lat Pulldown, Unilateral Low Row and Adjustable Dual Pulley Station.



Width 191″(485cm)
Height 97″(246 cm)
Length 155″(394 cm)
Weight 3400 lbs (1542 kg)
Weight Stack 3 x 210 lbs; 4 x 310 lbs and 1 x 160 lbs

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