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Atlantis B-176 Long Incline Bench
Atlantis B-176 Long Incline Bench
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Atlantis D-227 Glute & Ham Developer.  C shaped cushions for legs, thick pad for knees, Padded rollers for your ankles, 2 side by side platforms in middle. and rubber hand grips for hands
Atlantis D-227 Glute & Ham Developer
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Atlantis D-130 Chin / Dip / Leg Raise
Atlantis D-130 Chin / Dip / Leg Raise
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Atlantis A-47 T-Bar
Atlantis A-47 T-bar row with handles
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Atlantis A-45 One Row.  Black with foam handle cover
Atlantis A-45 One Row Handle
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A-37 Black Bilateral Bar with hooks to connect to the carbineer
Atlantis Bar Jack
Atlantis R-500 Bar Jack
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Atlantis C-511-8 Half Rack with safety catches and plate and bar  storage
Atlantis C-511-8 Half Rack
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Atlantis P-245 Dip Bar
Atlantis P-245 Dip Bar
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Atlantis D-128 Incline Hyper Ext with 2 feet pads for positioning
Atlantis D-128 Incline Hyper Extension
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Atlantis C-212 plate loaded pendulum squatAtlantis C-212 Pendulum Squat
Atlantis C-212 Pendulum Squat
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Atlantis B-279 Adjustable Bench (-15° to +80°)
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Atlantis C-117 Sissy Squat
Atlantis C-117 Sissy Squat
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Atlantis B-177 Adjustable Bench
Atlantis Dumbbell Rack (10 Pairs) with black angled cradles
Atlantis RS-611-8 Half Rack 8′ with plate storage
Atlantis P-250  Selectorized Multi-Press
Atlantis D-138 Lat Pulldown / Low Row Combo
Atlantis C-230 Selectorized Leg Extension / Leg Curl Combo
Atlantis NM-200 Functional Training System with Single weight stacks on each side and attachment holder in the middle.  2 pull up bars in middle.  Side step up for easy adjustment
Atlantis PW-275 Flat Bench Fat Pad Black Frame Red Upholstery
Atlantis P-337 Flat Olympic Bench with Pivot
Atlantis S-189 Dumbbell Rack holds 15 pairs with angled cradles